Rodeo has an active Chamber of Commerce, as well as 14 different service clubs and community organizations. Among them are the Rodeo Rotary Club, the Lions Club, Rodeo Bass Club, and the Rodeo Municipal Advisory Council.

Lone Tree Point provides a beautiful setting for a picnic by the bay. Hikers and bikers enjoy Rodeo Creek Trail, stretching 3 miles from Highway 4 to the bay.

A Brief History

For thousands of years, Rodeo was home to the Ohlone Indians. The arrival of Spanish explorers and the resulting land grants during the 1800's transformed the area from a quiet Indian enclave to a bustling center of ranching, meat packing, lumber yards and shipping.

Rodeo was founded in 1890 when the Union Stock Yard Company was formed for the purpose of canning and packing meat. Rodeo (pronounced Ro-day-o) gets its name from the cattle, sheep and hog round-ups (also known as rodeos) which took place at the Union Stock Yards.

The end of the 1800's saw the end of meat packing in Rodeo and the advent of the petroleum and refining industry. In 1895, Union Oil Company purchased land and a wharf from the Humbolt Lumber Company. The first crude oil still was installed in 1896 and over 100 years later ConocoPhillips Petroleum San Francisco Area Refinery currently operates in Rodeo.

Today, the population of Rodeo has grown to over 11,000, but the small town atmosphere that characterized Rodeo around the turn of the century still exists today. Residents are fiercely proud of their historic waterfront community and are highly involved in community activities and civic affairs. Rodeo boasts 14 different local service clubs, recreation groups, homeowners associations and advisory committees. They all have one thing in common, a deep love for the town and a strong desire to see its tremendous potential realized.

Rodeo offers a stable, safe and progressive community where long-time residents welcome new neighbors.