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BART Transit Village
BART Transit Village


As children (or parents) we have grown up with the story of the tortoise and the hare, which teaches the value of patience. Almost ten years in the making, the Transit Village project on the BART property at the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre Station is about to get underway in a visible way. This complex public/private partnership, which is being undertaken by a partnership of Avalon Bay Communities and Millennium Partners, is a residential mixed-use project that will include 549 residential units (including 100 for-sale condominiums) 35,590 square feet of local serving retail (including restaurants, business services, and convenience retail), ten live-work units, a 290,000 square foot office building and a 20,000 square foot business conference center. All of these activities would occur a few steps from the BART fare gates. Contra Costa Centre will have its heart.

Initial construction activity is set for the March 1, 2006 when the construction of a BART patron replacement parking garage will begin. When the garage is completed the Transit Village project will be constructed. Initial construction of the Transit Village will occur in the spring of 2008. The land use approvals were the culmination of a community-driven planning program called a "charrette", which was conducted in 2001. Since that time countless hours have been spent fine-tuning the architecture and site plan, coordinating and reconciling the wide variety of circulation issues related to the property-transit, bus, taxi, kiss-and-ride, bicycles, and pedestrians-with the mixed-use land use program. Balancing all of these interests was the challenge provided to the world-renowned architecture and urban design firm of McLarand Vasquez Emsiek (MVE).

The business side of the project is every bit as challenging. Except for the for-sale condominiums, the entire project will be built on land owned by BART and leased to Millennium. In order to achieve all the project goals-including replacing almost 1500 parking spaces for BART patrons-a financial partnership was set up between BART, the County of Contra Costa, and it's Redevelopment Agency. This partnership, which is called the Pleasant Hill BART Leasing Authority (the "JPA"), as well as the County Redevelopment Agency will be directly involved in the business transaction by the JPA leasing the property, and the Redevelopment Agency financing aspects of the project (BART replacement parking, streets and drainage, as well as parks, plazas, open-space, and civic uses), and financing affordable housing.

The business agreements will also create a sizeable income earning asset for the County general fund and for BART for the next 100 years. The ground lease revenues from the project will be shared between the two public agencies so that they may more efficiently fulfill their core missions.

Following are links to the proposed plans, including elevations, cross sections, floor plan, and sample units. All documents are in Adobe format. A free reader is available at


BART Transit Overview
Block A - Mixed Use with parking, retail, live-work and residential
Elevation 1 Elevation 2 Cross Section

Plan - Level A

Plan- Level 1
Plan - Level 2 Plan - Level 3 Plan - Level 4 Plan - Level 5 Plan- Level 6
Typical Units        
Block B- Mixed Use with parking, retail, live-work and residential
Elevation 1 Elevation 2 Cross Section Plan - Level A Plan- Level 1
Plan - Level 2 Plan - Level 3 Plan - Level 4 Plan - Level 5 Plan- Level 6
Typical Units
Block C - Mixed Use with parking, retail, and residential
Elevation Cross Section Plan - Level B Plan- Level A Plan- Level 1
Plan - Level 2 Plan - Level 3 Plan - Level 4 Typical Units  
Block D- Office and Parking
North Elevation South Elevation East Elevation West Elevation Cross Section
Plan - Level B & C Plan - Level A Plan - Level 1 Plan - Level 2 Plan- Level 3
Plan- Level 4-12        
Block E- Expanded BART Parking and residential
Elevations Cross Section Plan - Level A Plan - Level 1 Plan - Level 2-4

Landscape Plans
Civil Engineering Plans
Site Photos
Landscape Plan Details and Index Sheet Photos 1
Planting Concept Topographic and Boundary Survey 1 Photos 2
Examples - Public Spaces (retail and transit) Topographic and Boundary Survey 2
Examples - Public Spaces (residential street and podiums) Proposed Boundary 1
Examples - Public Spaces 3 (town square) Proposed Boundary 2
Examples - Site Elements (bike racks ,etc) Utility Demolition Plan 1
Vehicle Circulation Utility Demolition Plan 2
Pedestrian and Bike Circulation Preliminary Grading Plan 1
Preliminary Grading Plan 2
Preliminary Utility Plan 1
Preliminary Utility Plan 2
Dimentional Plan 1
Dimentional Plan 2